How It Works

It’s easy as 1, 2 ,3…

1. Purchase our service with the click of your finger on our website or in the parent mobile app.

2. Install app on your smartphone, tablet, PC or any mobile device and then on your child’s Android smartphone.

3. Set up your preferences and bingo you are done!

PB Safe Driving Mode

This shuts down your child’s phone while driving over 10 miles an hour while still allowing emergency calls.

PB Scheduler

This allows you to schedule responsible phone time for your children, shutting down phone access during certain hours, like school, dinner, homework and bedtime. Restrict all calls and texts except to 911, parents and pre-selected numbers.

PB Grounded

This gives you the ability to remotely turn off your children’s smartphones anytime anywhere, while still allowing them to call or text 911, parents and a list of phone numbers you pre-select.